Conewago Post 329


The Preamble to the American Legion Constitution sums up the theme of the Legion Emergency Assistance Fund, "...devotion to mutual helpfulness."  This phrase is more than just words on paper; it’s our pledge of support to Post 329 Legionnaires and our Post 329 Legion Family.  American Legion Post 329 has been actively involved in helping with the needs of both the community and individual Legion Family members since 1954.

     This Post 329 fund provide money for qualified Post 329 Legion Family members in their time of need.  This support is limited to once per Post 329 Legion Family member situation, it cannot be repeated.  The eligibility requirements are:

             1.  Membership must be active at time of emergency and time of application.

             2.  Applicant must provide written correspondence defining their situation or 

                  circumstances to meet their needs.                         

             3.  Applicant must provide copies of receipts or bills due, required to meet thier 

                  situational needs that created the emergency.


Please contact us at:  LEAF E-Mail:  AmericanLegion329@gmail.com